Wanna Be A Midwife?

Everything you need to know to pick your path to midwifery

About this Blog

I created this site to help grow new midwives. We need midwives now more than ever. Midwifery care results in optimal health outcomes for mothers and babies, reduces unnecessary utilization of resources and can save literally billions in healthcare costs. Most importantly it delivers a model of care that is woman and family centered and impacts satisfaction, confidence and self-image for a lifetime. But why am I telling you? You wannabeamidwife.

I’m here to help you. Today there are so many pathways to become a midwife in the U.S.  While it is wonderful to have these options, frankly it can be confusing. Explore the site as it grows. You’ll find information and links here to help sort out the maze of organizations, terms and abbreviations involved in U.S. midwifery. You can distinguish between degrees, licenses, and certifications and hopefully learn more about pathways that make sense for you.

In addition, I’ll share ongoing perspectives about midwifery and birth issues in the U.S. and… the making of midwives!

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